History of château de la Pataudière

Good to know : The cottages and cottage of the Logis de la Pataudière have been converted into the former outbuildings of the castle. However, the castle and outbuildings are now dissociated. Our guests will have access to the outbuildings and its inner courtyard but not the castle, private property of another family.

A little history …

The first known lord is Étienne Fergon, who died in 1574, secretary to Louis III of Bourbon, Duke of Montpensier, and zealous servant of his master.

It is he, in particular, who, during the Saint Bartholomew, murdered Charles Chevalier, general of the finances of the Languedoc, whose office he coveted, which he obtained the following year.

He had married Perrine Martine Ferrand, daughter of Alexandre Ferrand, steward of Louis de Bourbon.

Their son Martin Fergon married Esther du Bec, daughter of Marc du Bec, lord of Courcoué, and, on the death of their mother, in 1587, gave the Pataudière to his sister Suzanne, who, in 1601, sold the seigneury to René de Lomeron.

René de Lomeron, councilor and secretary to the king, died on January 5, 1629 and was buried in the church, where you can still see his gravestone.

His son Henry de Lomeron, quoted in 1634 as Sieur de la Pataudière had a daughter: Anne de Lomeron, who married Pierre de Baygnan, lord of Beaumené in Courcoué and a son: Gabriel de Lomeron, lord of La Pataudière, who married in 1603 Élisabeth de Chergé, daughter of Claude de Chergé, lord of the Rivière-Marteau, in Courcoué.

Their great-grandson Charles Modeste de Lomeron was a municipal officer in 1791 and his son Charles René Modeste de Lomeron, born in 1777, was mayor of Champigny from 1820 to 1843; in turn, the son of the latter: Jean Gustave de Lomeron was mayor of Champigny from 1843 to his death in 1866.

From 1867 to 1920, the owner of the Pataudière: Georges Félix Pays-Mellier (1839-1923), who had married the grand-daughter of Jean Gustave de Lomeron, arranged in the park of the castle a zoological garden, which was very successful at the time.

The present castle is made up of the old manor, which includes two pavilions connected by a narrower pavilion and, to the east, a new wing, built in the 19th century in the style of the 15th century.

And now ?

In the 1980s, the two properties are dissociated. The castle remains the family property and the outbuildings are converted into tourist accommodation.

Composed of guest rooms and a cottage, the outbuildings have been completely refurbished to accommodate travelers looking for discovery and new tourist experiences to live !

Since the 2018 summer season, I have the pleasure and privilege of being the proud owner of the Logis de la Pataudière ! As ambassador of my territory, I have at heart to make your stay unforgettable …

Source historique : Pierre-Marie DANQUIGNY